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ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

Most people have had some sort of contact with ISO 9001 and to cut a long story short, the standard is to help your organisation to document your systems of work and make subtle improvements where  you think it right. This can then help you to become a better proposition commercially.

Standards help you to address risk and opportunity and customers understand that systems help to reduce risk to you and them, that is why they ask you to have them in place.

“ISO 9001 implementation should be sensible for you, in other words, make changes gradually & only where necessary. This isn’t about pleasing auditors, ISO 9001 is about getting the best for your organisation.”

ISO 9001 is about having sensible checks in your business (like calibrating your machinery or making sure you have the correct personnel policies etc) and ensure these checks work for you. Don’t try to change too much too quickly, ISO 9001 is an openly written standard to accommodate everyone’s requirements and improvement should be practised naturally. It’s about making tweaks for most people, not massive changes.

The way we approach it is by documenting, or helping you to document your system, or in other words, helping you to write your operations manual, which is a guide for people. It’s just the same as if you buy a product at home and you want to know how it works - you read the instructions.

Quality management is about describing how your organisation works. It’s the exact same principle - giving people a written or verbal instruction on how your business works. If something does not work, you correct it, record it, or just tell people, so others can follow it too.

This is the principle of quality: get the process correct for your business and document it so somebody else can follow it. You may not always document information, but the important parts of your organisation might be.

“ISO 9001:2015 is a standard to assist you to develop your own internal business system to increase efficiency and structure. All ISO 9001 is asking you to have is a set of basic principles regarding the controlling of:”

1. Documentation - your working documentation, how do you keep and control it?

2. Risk and opportunities - are you aware of what affects your business? What are you to do about it?

3. Control of non conforming product - or, in plain language - what do you do when things go wrong?

4. Improvement action - how do you fix internal and external issues?

5. Internal audits - do you self regulate? Self regulation is a positive step to continuous improvement.

6. Management review - review your organisation each year.

7. Keep in touch with your customers, what keeps them satisfied?

“The ISO have reduced the requirement for mandatory written procedures, this decision is now up to you.”


“Note: For those businesses in the ‘manufacturing sector’, we can point you towards a potential grant towards costs.

Eligibility: Fewer than 250 employees, A turnover less than or equal to €50 million OR a Balance Sheet total less than or equal to €43 million. Must not be more than 25% owned by a large group.”

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Our expertise comes from these main areas:

1. Consulting with many  private companies, Local Authorities and a University.

2. We used to  work as  Lead Auditors on behalf of UKAS accredited Bodies for certification purposes.

This is where our clients benefit because we give advice ‘from both sides of the fence’ - so to speak.

ISO 9001 - Aim to set out your procedures in sections like this:

1. Purpose (what is the procedure for?)

2. Scope (where is it applied?)

3. Responsibility  (who is responsible?)

4. Procedure (what you do to make it work)

5. Reference documents (what documents support the procedure?)

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