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ISO 9001:2015 Revision

Vastly Superior 2 day Internal Auditor Course Delivered by an Inspirational, Experienced & Professional Auditor and;

You Get A Usable Proven System to Use in Your Company and Support to Follow it.

You will be taught how to avoid ‘fearful’ audits and be instructed how to make your audits ‘stress free affairs’

Ongoing Onsite or Offsite Teaching After The Course Has Been Completed With Your Tutor.

You, Your Well being and Your Audit Training Takes Priority.

You Have A Full Money Back Guarantee. Should You Not Be Satisfied - Your Purchase Is Fully Protected.

This course is for:

1. People who want to be educated properly to be a responsible and calm auditor;

2. People who desire to be trained in the real art of auditing - getting the best out of yourself and other people and;

3. People who wish to enhance life skills in listening, general communication and understanding.

A good auditor assesses:

  • The mood of the person they are talking to, as well as their own
  • The situation they find themselves in
  • Their safety, environment and surroundings

They then

  • Ask questions based on fairness
  • And as a result, become a confident and reputable auditor

'Good' auditors always take into account the situation and fully respect the person they are talking to. They also develop the habit of asking the right questions at the right times based on gut feeling and fairness. They may ask 3 questions, they may ask 10. It isn't about the amount, but the quality of those questions that is important.

What people need is genuine training, on how to deal with how they feel in an audit situation.

This is that training.

Correct auditing techniques require an ability to manage a situation. Correct auditing is about applying zero pressure on yourself as an auditor and zero pressure on the person you are auditing (the auditee).

The ISO 9001 Internal Audit Course will prepare you thoroughly. This personal course gives you immediate insight into Professional Internal Auditing as well as practical based exercises to get you moving forward efficiently and with confidence.

A little more to think about…

Auditing skills starts the moment you enter into communication with the person that you are about to audit.

Auditing is primarily about dealing with people and the better you are with your communication skills your audits will become more fluent, constructive and stress free.

Most audits are straightforward affairs, you contact the person you need to audit, arrange a time and date, meet as scheduled and conduct a series of prepared questions to give you a stable platform to reach your objective of a successful audit with plenty of information to digest.

From my experience of working as a UK Lead Auditor for a UKAS Accredited body, most people feel that their mission is to get information. Now that is certainly true from one perspective, however, receiving the right information is only the effect of your approach.

The cause of a successful audit is quite simply your personal approach.

This area is the single most important factor to gaining information and one that is overlooked countless times.

Once you establish a correct, structured and considerate auditing approach, backed by sensible questions you will find your desire for a successful audit will be met and the chances of success rise. Which really means, you’ll become well known as a consistently fair operator.

One of the two major factors when auditing successfully is the cause and effect relationship. Once you get to understand the real reasons why something is not quite working, you will start to understand that it isn’t necessarily the first problem that is the main problem.

We always and only teach our auditors to look for positive conformance, this creates an environment for a mutually conducive audit.

When you look for conformance you will do two things - 1. You establish a good working relationship with the person who you are communicating with and 2. You will find that the more you see that’s right, when you do find a problem, because you have approached with the correct attitude, the person who is being audited is more likely to respond in an agreeable manner.

The better you get on with people, the more constructive and open you are, you will find that people are more likely to be open with you, the net result is an audit fulfilled with essential information with which you can then establish if you have met one of your primary objectives, finding conformity.

You can also walk away from your audit with the knowledge that the person on the receiving end has been treated like an adult and you will have established their trust - with your head held high.

Always remember when you look for positive conformance you will generally find conformance and the last point I shall make is that if you do find a nonconformity you will find it easier to discuss continual improvement with the auditee because you have established a good working relationship with them.

My final point to you is that practice makes perfect, and we always help you to practice in a comfortable setting in a zero pressure environment.

If you set your audits out with a sufficient time frame, schedule them correctly and establish good communication lines before you even walk into your audit you are well prepared.

We always help you to take pride in your audits, to set them out consistently, to teach you to be confident with people and to be open and honest.

Our courses come with a guarantee of free support after the course is finished to enable you to lean on the support of an experienced Lead Auditor to establish a solid platform for your important company audits.

The course will help you to develop a good all round internal auditing platform for you. The skills you will learn will also enhance your life.

Our course is about ‘quality’, should you feel this has not been met, your fees will be refunded.

Ongoing onsite or offsite teaching is also provided after the course has been completed with your tutor, with 2 - 4  hours of extra support provided if required

If You Are Looking for a Modern Internal Auditing Course with a Responsible Focus on Ensuring That Your Audits Are Stress Free Affairs And Auditing Other Human Beings With Dignity and Respect, You Are At The Right Place

BQMC Internal Auditing Training Is Developed against ISO 19011:2011 and used to audit against ISO 9001:2015

Courses are delivered at client’s premises, minimum of 2 people for £550.00 plus VAT each for 2 day’s tuition.

Subject to a maximum of 8


“Very good course. 2 days, great truly enjoyable great trainer”

Izabela, Premier English Manufacturing

Interesting. Well taught course with Inspirational Teacher

Sarah, Norkem

“Fantastic course, delivered in a very professional and relaxed manner. I don’t think I have been on any other course that has kept and captured my thought processes.”

Georgina, Consultant

“I have been pleasantly surprised how interesting and fun an internal auditors training course could be. Would highly recommend Steve / BQMC

Nichola, UCML

“A very enjoyable course. I have learnt a great deal in just 2 days. Many concerns were clarified

Kath, Orchid Flooring

“A very useful course which I enjoyed and would recommend to others

Natasha, Merlin Systems

“Very helpful, informative course. Steve was very knowledgeable and put everyone at ease. Thoroughly enjoyable.”

Natalie, Premier English Manufacturing

“As someone who has historically driving ISO compliance, this course gave a totally different insight into ISO Procedures.”

Mike, BK Nolte Contracts

“A potentially daunting topic made easy & fun! Thanks Steve for a valuable 2 days!”

Kathryn, UCML

Very enjoyable experience in a comfortable environment”

James, IMI Scott

“This Course will help you understand ISO 9001 and also increase your people skills

Stephen, Parry & Evans

“The Course structure made the content easier to understand. A fantastic two days

Steven, Bradford Personal Care

A friendly and personal course which provided an excellent introduction to ISO 9001 Internal Auditing”

James, Caulmert

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