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What is your expected time scale?

The time to complete your system depends on the time that you will allocate to it, how many sites you have, depth of process and how many on site people can support this task.

Typically it could take between 10 weeks and 6 months .depending how quickly you want it completed.

How long does it take to gain your certification?

Your certification time will depend upon the size of your business, the complexities and the processes that you have. We estimate that most businesses can take any time between one and three months after the implementation process is completed.

If you think that you need contact the Certification body (as an example) in May, call them in March - always 2 months before you think you may need them.

This is because it will also depend on auditor availability at the auditing company. Plan ahead.

What about full time managers of these systems?

We always encourage you to have someone who can oversee the process when you have completed the implementation. We will educate any staff concurrently with our consultancy if you require.

For larger businesses and, corporate organisations, you may need a full time quality / environmental manager?

For smaller operations, part time managers should be sufficient, someone may volunteer to take a on a little extra work? That is what most companies do.  Attention to quality management will be less stringent for smaller businesses. Or you can simply ask someone external to help you more often.

We hope that the answers have helped.

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