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Testimonials - ISO 9001 Internal auditors course:

"Well presented, relaxed course which was enjoyable. I have gained from it enough to apply in work, many thanks!"

"Tutor gave precise feedback and was very helpful. Food and venue was excellent!"

"It was well structured with plenty of breaks!"

"Course content and practical exercises are a great way of developing confidence in members of the team.”

"I think that 4 (or 8) would be a good number for the training, really enjoyed the exercises."

“Super tuition, food just amazing, can’t go wrong”.

Testimonials - ISO 14001 Internal auditors course:

"Many thanks for providing the course and allowing me to be a part of it"

"An excellent, interactive course. Everyone was given an opportunity to give their viewpoints and contribute to discussion periods"

"Thoroughly enjoyed, thank you!"

“The lady who took the course was just superb. A proper Environmental Practitioner who know’s what she is on about”.

"Putting the discussions into action really helped my understanding and where it fits into the bigger picture. Should be given to a wider audience."

"Excellent course, thank you!"

"Clear instruction and overview of waste management systems too."

A customer testimonial for ISO Management Systems - Disclosure Services

“It is my pleasure to recommend BQMC to any organisation who is in need of clarity and support when applying for ISO registration. BQMC are highly skilled and professional ISO consultants. They are experts in business processes and have a significant depth of expert knowledge of the requirements relating to Management Systems and standards. BQMC’s ability to map out and analyse process reports and identify risks has proven to be invaluable.

I endorse BQMC's services to all organisations, particularly those wanting to demonstrate their commitment to meeting internationally recognised industry standards and to understand and protect themselves from the risks associated with running a business in complex regulatory environments.”

Caroline Clark, Director

Disclosure Services

A customer testimonial for Waste Management - Constructing Excellence Wales

The Airbus North Factory Project in Broughton has been one of the best and most recognised Demonstration Projects within the Constructing Excellence in Wales programme. Amongst other awards it achieved the Project of the Year at CEW’s 2010 Annual awards.

Iona Hughes was an integral part of the site team involved in the Airbus North Factory Project, joining the team in December 2008. Her impact on construction waste on the project was massive. She worked tirelessly with the Client, the Principle Contractor and the Supply Chain Partners to introduce innovative techniques and new ways of dealing with waste management within the construction industry. A process which if not done correctly can be very costly to any construction project.

Iona’s qualifications, wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for the environment have proved invaluable. Her talents translated into processes within the project and completely transformed the way in which the project’s waste was handled. The evidence of her achievements is listed here:

  • Total legal compliance on site on all waste & environmental activities
  • Minimise waste through working with the supply chain to reduce packaging or take back packaging waste for re-use
  • Find local charities and organisations who can reuse waste
  • 93% recycling rate smashing the government target of 50% and even beating the project target of 80%
  • Over £285k saved in landfill tax to date
  • Materials re-used on site which would normally go into a skip
  • Materials donated to local charities for re-use off site
  • Working closely with ecologists to assist in landfill restoration projects on behalf of the client Better housekeeping resulting in less damage to unused valuable materials

These are just a few examples of the benefits Iona’s presence has had on site. The following is a quotation from an endorsement from Steve Fowles – Airbus Project Manager which I am happy to re-print.

“Iona’s friendly nature and her ability to liaise with all the contractors on site and advise them of how to deal with waste has changed attitudes and behaviours from the ground up. The impact of having this level of waste management within the construction industry is phenomenal. Every construction site should have a Iona.

Lovingly referred to on site as the Skip Licker!! I prefer to call her our “Waste Champion”

Her talents in this field led CEW to directly involve Iona as a consultant in the management of waste on the new BBC Studio project in Roath Basin, Cardiff Bay. Her success there was such that CEW would be delighted to recommend her to any project team contemplating a planned approach to their construction waste issues.

Paul Jennings

Director, Construction Waste Programme

Constructing Excellence in Wales

2nd Floor East, Longcross Court

47 Newport Road, Cardiff. CF24 0AD

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