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Waste Reduction


Environmental support will help you reduce your environmental impact - and help you make sense out of regulations that seem unnecessary and burdensome.

We’re a believer in common sense environmental advice - and we find that it suits our increasing number of corporate and public sector clients alike.

They prefer someone to talk to with a sprinkling of sensibility, perhaps you do too?

Sometimes all it takes is 10 minutes of free advice and sometimes a little more. All we ask is if you need to chat with our legislation expert, please call us and make an initial appointment.

If you are considering a service, the type of things we can help you with are:

  1. Company Environmental Review
  2. Compliance and evaluation of legislation
  3. Waste Audits and Waste Minimisation
  4. Pollution prevention awareness
  5. General guidance to help you reduce your risks of pollution and improve your environmental practice

Most clients just need a quick pointer, that’s why we are here.

If you need some detailed information on ISO 14001, the report opposite is also available for free.

NOTE: For those businesses in the ‘manufacturing sector’, we can point you towards a potential grant towards costs.

Eligibility: Fewer than 250 employees, A turnover less than or equal to €50 million OR a Balance Sheet total less than or equal to €43 million. Must not be more than 25% owned by a large group.

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The 6 problems regarding waste management

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