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10. Improvement

10.1 General

Where possible you select areas of your organisation for improvement, naturally you cannot always foresee these requirements but do your best to examine future requirements.

Aim to

a) Improve your products and / or services to meet requirements and future expectations.

b) Correct, prevent or reduce undesirable effects by addressing erroneous causes.

c) Improve your QMS performance by sensible attention towards quality management.

10.2 Nonconformity and corrective action

10.2.1 You should regularly maintain and improve your organisation by deciding and implementing your corrective actions.

When a non-compliance or 'nonconformity' occurs, you may

a) React to the non-fulfilment of a requirement and review.

b) Act to control and correct it.

c) Accept and deal with potential consequences including contacting relevant parties.

d) Evaluate if corrective action is needed elsewhere.

e) Review and analyse the non-conformance.

f) Determine the causes (root cause) and use further action if required.

g) Review the effectiveness of the action taken.

h) Determine if similar non-conformances can occur elsewhere.

i) Make changes to the QMS as appropriate.

10.3 Continual improvement

You should have a commitment to continually improving the suitability, effectiveness and adequacy of the organisation by implementing actions required in a timely manner. You should consider all outputs to determine if there are opportunities for continual improvement.

We shall retain documented information on non-conformances and their nature by using the following as evidence of continual improvement

  • Internal audits.

  • Management review minutes.

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